An Endless War

I am the One True Dave, your white friend. When you call white people out for something and one of us inevitably snivels about it you can just tell them "My white friend Dave says it's okay."

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This is perfect.


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A proposal to divide California into six states has received enough signatures to make the November 2016 ballot. Here’s how.

six californias

Jefferson’s not a new idea. Look up “State of Jefferson” some time. It was supposed to include part of Oregon, and there’s even a public radio franchise in Southern Oregon called “Jefferson Public Radio”. They also have their own ISP called JeffNet down there.

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As the Israelis once more inflict collective punishment in Gaza (a tactic which happens to constitute a war crime), it is time to consider the mind-set behind their repeated violent and sadistic behavior. One way to do so is to listen to the rationalizations they use, also repeatedly, to justify their actions. Among the many rationalizations offered by Israeli leaders for their violent behavior is the assertion that the Arabs, and Palestinians in particular, “only understand force.” If you do not use force against them they interpret its absence as a sign of weakness and this only encourages them to stand against the Zionist state.


Israeli Ambassador at the White House Iftar, y’all. Why he’s even there in the first place is beyond me. (Would they invite a representative of the Palestinian people to a White House Shabbat and then have Obama tell people that Palestinians have a very clear right to defend themselves?)

I wonder what all those people opposed to a boycott of this Iftar did. They finally got their “chance,” their “seat at the table,” their “opportunity to “speak to policy makers and influence policy,” their “foot in the door,” their “engagement with the government,” their “chance to speak truth.” 

Did they? Did they speak truth to power, did they call out Obama, did they call out this dude who literally thinks Islam is inherently violent? Did they stand up for what was right or quietly sip their water as genocide continues? Did they talk “about these issues on behalf of our community” “precisely because the people adversely affected by these policies cannot be present,” as Keith Ellison boasted? Was this enough to get up and walk out? Or was a seat at the table more important than values?

Oh wait, I forget - MPAC endorses the two-state solution and rejects BDS, so it was the perfect crowd (albeit not all MPAC folks) to preach this kind of stuff to. 

Shame, shame. 

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Last night I said I was going to get it cut because it was bothering me so much and I was lucky to be first at the shop when it opened this morning. I’ve never had short hair with a beard before and had planned to shave it off. The barber offered to trim it for free when I mentioned that, though, so I decided to give that combination a try for a bit. My mustache never looks right in pictures unfortunately (it’s more grey on one side and that makes it photograph badly).

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Picture: Oleh Lyashko (in the certer) and members of the infamous “Battalion Azov”

Reporting that the infamous battalion Azov commanded by the pedophile and histrionic politician Oleh Lyashko has been destroyed in Saur-Mogila near Donetsk by a special command of the Donetsk People’s…

Dead Nazis are a net benefit for society,

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Less than a month after subway workers in Philadelphia went out on strike against SEPTA’s refusal to bargain with or recognize their unions, New York City subway workers have voted to strike against the MTA’s Long Island Railroad beginning this Sunday.

Much like SEPTA, the MTA has refused to accept compromises suggested to them by not one, but two impartial arbitrators.

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