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Will Darren Wilson ever be arrested?

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Leon Ford, a man paralyzed when Pittsburgh Officer David Derbish “feared for his life” and shot Ford at a traffic stop, was found not guilty on Monday on two counts of aggravated assault, charges which could have landed him 20 years in prison.

The jury was deadlocked on all other charges, which included three counts of recklessly endangering another person, resisting arrest and escape.

It is unclear if the lesser charges will be refiled against this young father.

After the verdict was read, journalist Don Carpenter who was at the court house told The Free Thought Project,

The entire courthouse was lit up by Leon’s smile.”

Last week, after asking to see the dashcam footage again, a juror was excused and replaced by an alternate. No explanation was given for why the juror was excused.

Ford was pulled over on November 11, 2012, when the Pittsburgh police were looking for a “black male wearing a white tshirt”.

Ford, frightened that they thought he was someone else, attempted to drive off, which yes, was a bad decision.

The officer however, then violated procedure by jumping into Ford’s car claiming that they saw a bulge in his pants and believed it to be a weapon.  He was unarmed.

Moments later, the young man was shot five times by the officer in his passenger seat.

In the Petition written by Ford’s mother, Latonya Green, states:

“Police dash-cam video of the incident would later reveal that our 19-year-old teenager was detained by three police officers on a dark road for almost twenty-five minutes during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. My son properly provided officers with his driver licenses, vehicle registration and proof of insurance while they harassed him over the legitimacy of his identity. Even more painful to watch is the heartbreaking sounds of our youngest child being shot five times by a police officer who decided to jump inside my son’s vehicle. While we are not sure how the car shifted into gear once the officer jumped inside the vehicle, we are sure that our son was in mortal fear for his life as police harassed, threatened and hurled racial slurs towards him.:”

Ford now has no control over his body from the waist down.  He cannot control his bodily functions, walk, or engage in sexual activity.

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thats whats so disgustingly insidious about the military though

it offers a living to the victims of capitalism in exchange for them violently defending the interests of capitalism

fucking disgusting

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The Lakota People’s Law Project is working to create a permanent solution for Lakota foster children and families by creating Lakota run foster care. Unfortunately, we are unable to take on individual cases at this time, but through spreading awareness, we can all help to create the change that so many young children need.

Many of you are aware of the latent corruption that is involved in the Mette Case of South Dakota. For those of you that aren’t aware, there’s a brief summary below and more information can be found at: .

We ask you to contact Virgena Wiesler, the Acting Program Administrator for the Child Protection Services Department of the Department of Social Services in South Dakota. Please call, write, or email Ms. Wiesler telling her that you are aware of the activities and accusations that have been brought upon South Dakota’s Depatment of Social Services and insist upon the release of the children from Wendy Mette’s custody. These children have been through enough and they belong with their relatives that are more than able to care for them.

Contact Info:
Virgena Wiesler
Acting Program Administrator
Child Protection Services
Department of Social Services
Richard F Kneip Building
700 Governors Drive
Pierre, South Dakota 57501-2291
phone: (605) 773-3227

Mette Affair Summary:
The South Dakota Dept. of Social Services placed 7 Lakota foster children into foster care with a non-Native, known molester, Richard Mette, and his enabling wife, Wendy Mette, from 2000 to 2013. The DSS knew of the accusations against Mr. Mette, but still placed Lakota foster children with him.

The state ignored MULTIPLE complaints of sexual and physical abuse, and pleas for help from the children.

Brandon Taliaferro, the Assistant State’s Attorney responsible for criminal child abuse cases in Brown County, immediately began an investigation.

The police searched the Mette house and find more evidence of sexual abuse, including enough pornography to “pack a store”, including “family incest” porn.

The children revealed they had been subjected to physical abuse, sexual molestation and threats of being beaten if they did not comply with the molestation or if they told anyone.

The disgusted police charged Mr. Mette with 23 counts of child rape and incest, and Mrs. Mette with 11 counts of physical abuse and enabling.

The State prosecutor, however, first attempted to drop all charges, and charged sexual predator Mr. Mette with only one count of “spanking”. When the State was not allowed to do this, they decided to charge Mr. Mette with only one count of rape of a child under 10. The other 22 charges of aggravated child rape and incest were dropped.

The State then dropped all charges against Mrs. Mette, who the children said knew about and enabled the abuse.

The state then went after the Lakota childrens’ advocates instead! Rather than save the Mette children from a known sexual predator and his enabling wife, the state of South Dakota brought felony charges against Brandon Taliaferro, the attorney who started the investigation and advocated for the kids, and Shirley Schwab, the childrens’ Court
Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).

The judge acquitted the advocates of all charges, due to the state’s complete lack of evidence against Taliaferro and Schwab.

Children are now back with Mrs. Mette, where they can’t sue the State DSS. Since they are now minors in the custody of Wendy Mette, the person who enabled the abuse, they cannot sue the state without her permission and support.



Dinosaur feathers preserved in amber. A group of Canadian paleontologists combed through thousands of minuscule amber nuggets from nearly 80 million years ago. Among them they found 11 M&M-sized globules with traces of ancient feathers and fuzz. A number resembled modern feathers—some fit for flying and others designed to dive. Their unique approach paid off when they discovered feathers and never-before-seen structures, which they think are something called dinofuzz. Via TYWKIWDBI

So exciting


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From Captain Paul Watson:

Hundreds of Dolphins Escape the the Faroese Butchers Today

Sea Shepherd crew accused and charged with saving hundreds of dolphins in the Faroe Islands today.

A very large pod of hundreds of white-sided dolphins approached the Faroe Islands today.

The Danish Navy boarded and seized the U.K. registered Sea Shepherd boat “Spitfire” and charged the crew with driving the dolphins back to sea.

The law is that when a pod of whales or dolphins are spotted it is illegal to not inform the whalers before approaching them.

No Grindadrap had been called but the Danish police are stating that it is a crime to prevent dolphins from approaching close to the islands where they may be slaughtered and specifically it is a crime to not inform the Grindmaster that the dolphins have been spotted.

Last year in August 3013 the Faroese massacred 450 white side dolphins.

Crewmembers Jessie Treverton from the U.K. and Celine Le Dourion and Marion Selighini both from France have been arrested. The all female crew were jumped by Danish commandos.

The dolphins escaped out to sea.

Three Sea Shepherd boats, the Loki, the Mike Galesi and the B.S. Sheen were seized on August 29th. They are being held as evidence awaiting the trial of 8 Sea Shepherd crew from those boats. The seizure of the Spitfire makes 4 vessels seized. The Thor was removed from the water this morning because Sea Shepherd boats may only stay in Faroese waters for 90 days. This leaves one Sea Shepherd vessel the “Clementine” from France still operating in Faroese waters.

It’s not just Japanese fishermen doing it, you know. Remember that.

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'Facebook for the rich' begins accepting members at $9,000 apiece

Consider this hypothetical situation: You, a wealthy socialite, want to make friends over the internet, but without encountering any of the riff-raff that hangs out on traditional social networking sites. What do you do?

If you’re former Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra conductor James Touchi-Peters, then you would have resolved this dilemma by launching Netropolitan — an “online country club for people with more money than time.”

We’ll still have to put up with their pathetic working class dupes, sycophants, and apologists on actual Facebook, though.

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i’ve gotten more crap for my autism than for being queer. more bullying, more shit talk, more exclusion, more dehumanizing — and WAY more trouble with employment and housing. ableism is a bigger problem than homophobia. surprising? that’s because people aren’t talking about it!

violence against disabled people is unbelievably common. i don’t want to start comparing it numerically with violence against women and racial minorities, because that might imply i don’t take the latter seriously. don’t get me wrong; those hate crimes are super awful and we need to make them stop. however i need to say this: my dash was 80% ferguson for at least a week after mike brown was shot, but i see at least a couple stories every month about autistics being murdered by their caregivers, by their schools, by police who interpereted a nonverbal shutdown as resistance, and these stories seldom get more than 100 notes.

please, folks, i know you care about people, i know you care about me, and i know you care about justice. please pay more attention to ableism. this is a huge civil rights issue.

i don’t mean the dumb sjw thing where people star out words like ‘crazy’ or call ‘ablesim’ on shit that is not ableism, btw. i definitely don’t mean the thing where my reclamatory usage of ‘sperglord’ and the like sets the whole parrot tree screeching. i mean stuff like sheltered workshops where it’s legal to pay disabled people less than a dollar an hour. i mean accessibility, i mean acceptance. i mean the thing where the discussion about autsim is led by a hate group that wants to eliminate our existence. i mean stop the violence.

In addition to the many autistic people who have been murdered by caregivers (and then, even scarier, the general public says that’s so sad, they might have done the same thing if they were that poor, overworked mother…), there is the pervasive problem of disabled people being discriminated against by the medical establishment.

Doctors routinely underestimate quality of life of disabled people and advise them—on the basis of inconvenience, not on the basis of any physical pain they might be feeling—to end their lives (see for an advocacy group devoted to protecting disabled people from coercive assisted suicide, such as doctors in some jurisdictions being allowed to suggest suicide without having to mention the existence of accommodations for a person’s conditions). In the US, in places where this is legal at all the doctor has to make a good-faith prediction that the person would die within six months anyway, but there are countries in Europe that are less restrictive in this regard, or that have no such restriction at all.  (Belgium allows euthanasia even in non-terminal patients, and euthanasia—as opposed to assisted suicide—doesn’t even require the patient to be conscious or otherwise capable of giving consent as long as they have consented at some point in the past. Keep in mind that most people who want to attempt suicide change their mind at the slightest hindrance, intervention, or change in situation or mood—and that many people, upon becoming suddenly disabled, are briefly suicidal but almost all of them get over it after a month or two when they’ve had time to adjust—so if this sort of thing is to be even remotely ethical it has to involve consent at the moment before death.)  Furthermore, there are tons of cases of families and friends pressuring disabled people into suicide.  This can range from them saying they’d kill themselves if they were in the disabled person’s situation (despite there being several research studies saying that abled people, including doctors, vastly underestimate quality of life of disabled people, compared to what the disabled people themselves report feeling) to outright telling the disabled person they’re a burden.

 The medical establishment also routinely obstructs treatment of disabled people.  If a person is disabled they are unlikely to be able to get an organ transplant, for example—even if it’s for an unrelated condition—because they are considered low priority patients (see, e.g., especially the parts about studies of hospitals in general).  And in some cases doctors will outright refuse even more basic medical care for disabled people, who then have to actually sue to get the life-saving care they need.  The doctors base this, again, on their assessment of the disabled person’s quality of life, not on the disabled person’s own assessment.

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